At the North Suburban Center for Anxiety, I specialize in using cognitive behavior therapy to treat anxiety, OCD, and related disorders. I recognize that anxiety can be overwhelming, scary, and isolating. However, it is also treatable! As a cognitive behavior therapist, I provide research-supported and results-oriented treatment. I believe that how individuals think and behave directly affect how they feel. Therefore, I use a compassionate, collaborative, and direct approach to empower clients with the necessary skills to modify their irrational thoughts, confront their maladaptive fears, and decrease their overall anxiety. By the end of treatment, my goal is that clients have learned the essential tools to master their anxiety or OCD and are living a more fulfilling life.

Treatment Philosophy

I Believe...

  • Anxiety and OCD are treatable!
  • Everyone experiences anxiety and fear, but it is problematic when it interferes with your daily life
  • By directly (and gradually) confronting your fears, they become less powerful
  • An effective therapist should be both challenging and direct, yet compassionate and empathic
  • The goal of therapy is to learn the necessary tools to effectively manage your own anxiety and live a more fulfilling and authentic life
  • Practice of therapeutic skills is essential to master and maintain treatment gains
  • Family (i.e., spouse, parent, friend, or loved ones) is an integral part of the treatment process; and I work closely with the client’s family to be effective in supporting their loved ones